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Ejuices Ranked

It is always challenging to find that best ejuice. One day you get something that tastes like it’s out of this world, the next day you find an e juice that tastes even better. This is not to mean that the best is not available. The impression is, there are many flavors, and therefore it becomes very difficult to distinguish different tastes. Ejuices are also a personal thing. Good taste to you might not be as good to someone else.

However, it is possible to come up with a list that most people can agree that these are the best e-juices. There are many vapes on the market, in this case, it is convenient to rank only the best. To do this, one has to create a platform where ranking can be based on. A survey conducted will produce the best results. It involves collecting opinions and feedback from the vapers. The data is then analyzed to establish the best ejuice.

The top five

Shurb making the top five

Shurb contains a combination of raspberry, fine lime, and orange. Some sugary sweetness aims at providing a flavor of rainbow sherbet which caps the taste. Vapers will tell you that it’s smooth, just the right amount of sweetness, citrusy and some good sourness. This is an all-day vape.

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood taking 4th place

The “Sauce Boss,” among the vapes. Vapers will always admit the delicacy and richness of the cream. A tinge of strawberry is imminent. Some people have opinions that it is a bit overrated. The advice would be one to experiment with it without exposure to previous opinions, and then you enjoy it.

Soul Custardy by Beantown Vapor

The major attribute of this ejuice that stands out is its quality and pricing. The quality you get for is pricing high. Users can get a smooth, creamy taste without eggy undertones. The choice of bourbon creates a unique taste.

Oh-Face by Beantown Vapor

A cocktail of fine cream and ripe strawberries. The strawberry comes out stronger than the Unicorn Milk but not that much to irritate.

Boosted by Boosted E-juice

With a very intricate, stand out taste. There exists an authentic flavor which makes it very lovable. The elements are mixed perfectly to produce an impeccable balance. This is an all-day vape. Its reputation is well known to most users.

Others worth mentioning.

In the fruit flavored category, one would not forget the cosmic fog fruits. At least 50 percent of use like fruit flavored e juice. The authenticity of cosmic fog fruits stands out. Other producers would evade this using overt sweetness.

Halo dessert vapes have very interesting flavors. Some blends contain Belgian chocolate, sweet caramel, café mocha and, apple turnover. This is to mention a few flavors that are present. There are sweet flavors by Halo. For example, the caramel treat, sugar twist, voodoo, and spice.

There are guides available from which you can come up with your ejuice. As for choice, start using brands you recognize then, later on, you may experiment.

Choosing the right plastic surgery isn’t easy.

There are many options when it comes to plastic operations or NYC Plastic Surgery. No matter what you would like to improve on your body, more than likely it can be done with plastic surgery.


There are surgeries that are considered minimally invasive and require very little recovery time. Then there are those surgeries that require an extensive recovery time for the patient to heal properly.


Some of the most common surgeries that can easily be done in a physician’s office are things such as,


  • Botox injection, which have very little recovery time and can be done on a lunch hour. Botox is used to help fill in an area of your face that may start to show wrinkles, or just needs to be a little fuller, such as lips.
  • Laser hair removal is another quick and easy procedure.
  • Dermabrasion- This is a cleaning off of dead skin. Not considered a major surgery, but it can leave the skin red for weeks after the procedure.

Some common requested plastic surgeries that could require hospital stay and extensive recovery time are ones such as,

  • Liposuction-the removal of body fat in unwanted areas.
  • Rhinoplasty-restructuring of nose to make it in line with rest of face area.
  • Breast augmentation-this procedure involves enlarging the breasts. There is also a breast lift or breast reduction procedures that can require the same amount of recovery time.
  • Face lifts-this procedure involves tightening of the face and there is major recovery time involved.


There are some plastic surgeries that aren’t as common to be requested by patients. These surgeries are procedures such as,


  • Ear surgery-this can involve lifting or restructuring of the ears.
  • Chin augmentation-is requested due to the patient isn’t fond of the shape of their chin and wants to reshape it.
  • Forehead lifts-this procedure could be desired due to a heavy amount of wrinkles resting on the forehead.


Plastic surgery is not only used to improve someone’s looks for personal reasons, but it could possibly be something that is needed because of some sort of trauma that has happened. No matter what the reason, plastic surgeries are a big business and society has come accustomed to hearing about them.


There are some important things to consider when picking your surgeon to perform your surgery.


  • Is the surgeon board certified and in what states?
  • Have you had a consult to your satisfaction?
  • Have they explained the step by step process for the surgery?
  • Do you understand the type of anesthesia you will be given?
  • Do you understand what will be required of you during recovery time?


All these questions should be answered by your surgeon before going forward with your surgery. Several consults may be needed to make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Having plastic surgery has many benefits. It can give you a whole new outlook on li

What are some of the pros and cons of legalizing cannabis?

Cannabis, or  cannabis legale, grass and weed, is a drug that is now legal in some U.S. states. Others are looking into possibly legalizing cannabis, but are concerned about the cons as well as the pros of legalizing the drug.


What are some of the pros and cons of legalizing cannabis, and is it a drug that can have some very useful health benefits?


Cannabis has many health benefits — One of the big pros of legalizing cannabis is that it has many health benefits. From helping fight cancer, to a treatment for Alzheimer’s, migraines, arthritis and rheumatism pain, insomnia, controlling muscle spasms due to Multiple Sclerosis, a treatment for PTSD and any number of other things, smoking or taking cannabis can be very beneficial for your health.


Less money for organized crime — Much of the cannabis that is sold in the United States today comes via various criminal groups. If you make cannabis legal, however, these groups either lose the illegal funding stream they used to have and so are forced to shut down, or they become legal themselves. Either way, making cannabis legal means less money for organized crime and the violence that comes with that.


Safer to buy — As most people buy their cannabis from illegal sources, they have no way of knowing what kind of quality they are buying or if they are buying pure cannabis. Make the drug legal, however, and cannabis will have the same safety controls imposed on it as any other legal purchase.


Lower prices — As cannabis is used by many people with health problems, including those with cancer, if it was made legal prices would naturally fall. This would make it more affordable for people who need it for their health.


It is a gateway drug — One of the cons of legalizing cannabis is that, in some cases, cannabis can be a gateway drug, meaning it starts the users down a path towards the use of much harder and more dangerous drugs like cocaine and prescription drugs.


Worsening lung health — Another con to legalizing cannabis is that, just like smoking cigarettes, smoking cannabis can damage your lungs. This can be avoided, however, by baking the cannabis into baked goods like cakes, brownies and cookies.


An increase in stoned driving — People do drive while high from smoking cannabis, and this could increase if it was legalized. That being said, alcohol is legal and tens of thousands of people a month drive drunk after drinking it.


In other words, the same people who would drive drunk are likely to be the same people that would drive high.


An increase in depression? — While studies still need to be done to support this theory, some medical professionals do say they notice an increase in depression in those who regularly use cannabis.


This can also be because people who already suffer from depression use cannabis to help them feel better, so this may not actually be a con but more of a pro.

CBD Vape Oil: All you Need to Know Before Buying Your Product

CBD oil is beneficial for many things. It is commonly used by patients suffering from diseases that manifest themselves in pain. Presently, the type of hemp oil is used by cancer patients who would like to get some relief from the pain which comes with chemotherapy. People suffering from psychological ailments such as stress and depression may also use and benefit from CBD hemp oil or CBD vape oil.

Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil is known for helping people to manage pain. Studies have also shown that the product can be used to prevent specific diseases. When taken in lower dosages, CBD oil can help anyone maintain a healthy lifestyle and balance.

Precautions and Dosage

The dosage of CBD oil is usually indicated on the product itself. In order to benefit from CBD oil, always take the right dosage. Before you start taking CBD oil, make sure that you consult your health provider. The reason behind this is that the oil may react with some medications that you may be currently taking.

It is also advisable to get clearance from your doctor if you have an underlying health condition such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should also stay away from CBD vape oil until they are cleared by their doctors to use it. In order to use your product for longer, store the oil in cartridges and store them in a safe place.

What are the Effects of CBD Hemp Oil?

When you buy and use CBD hemp oil, you will have to choose how to take in the product. One of the easiest ways of using CBD oil is through vaping. The method allows the oil to get into your system faster. There are no known side effects of CBD hemp oil where it is taken in the right concentration. Additionally, unlike the regular hemp oil, you cannot get high from using CBD vape oil. In fact, you will not get addicted or experience withdrawal symptoms after you quit using it.

Where and How to Buy CBD Vape Oil

There are many people who could like to get CBD hemp oil but they do not know where to look. If you are one of them, you must first appreciate that it is now legal for you to buy hemp oil in some states in the United States. Studies have shown that the oil is beneficial for a wide range of ailments. If you are looking for genuine CBD vape oil, you can start your search online. There are many dealers who sell legit vape oil online. All you have to do is to get an online shop which has been licensed and which has a good reputation.

Most of the CBD hemp oil that is sold in the United States is actually imported from other countries. Most of the imports come from European countries because industrial hemp is mostly grown abroad. When you choose your vape oil, you will have to consider factors such as its potency, price and CBD concentration. You will also have to consider the mode of use, whether you want it in tinctures, capsules or as a vape oil.


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