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PPIs, Lawsuits and more.


What is Prilosec/Nexium?

At times, it is not about what you eat, the time you eat, or whether you sleep or sit upright, you still end up belching stomach acid that leads to a severe heartburn. However, for some people, this problem tends to turn out severe that mainstream antacid has little or no effect, hence leading to the need to rely on a more potent medication. Nexium, from AstraZeneca and Prilosec, also known as proton pump inhibitors (PPI), are some of the drugs that most of these patients have turned to. It is estimated that over 15 million have relied on these proton pump inhibitors to reduce heartburn or acid reflux.

What are the side effects of Prilosec/Nexium?

Prilosec/Nexium drugs have been widely used across the globe; however, a report study published in 2016 by a recognized medical organization showed that patients who rely on Nexium face the risk of developing a chronic kidney disease by up to 50 percent compared to those who rely on traditional stomach acid medications. The risk is directly correlated with the level of the drug intake. Therefore, those who use a high daily dose are at more risk than those who take a lower dose. Another report presented in 2015 showed by American Society of Nephrology showed that a long-term dependency on Nexium increases the risk of developing an acute kidney injury. Acute kidney injury occurs when the kidney stops functioning completely.

Popular Acid Reflux Drugs Are Linked To Kidney Disease Risk from news

The Lawsuit

Various researchers and lawyers continue to investigate the efficacy and safety of Nexium and its further effects on the body. However, an untold number have reported having suffered some of the severe side effects of the drug. Most of these victims reported having bought the drug through a prescription or over the counter. Others have reported severe kidney disease, dementia, renal failure, kidney injuries, and among others. In regard to this, most of them are now filing a nexium and prilosec lawsuit against the company responsible for the drugs and accusing the manufacturer of negligence and failing to warn the patients about the associated risk of the drug. The drug was approved for the U. S market in 2001; thus, millions of people across the globe have relied on the drug to reduce the painful symptoms.

Is there any help?

It is possible to get help both at a personal level. Several dedicated advocates and lawyers are fighting for the rights of those who have been affected by Nexium. The company manufacturing the drug is by all mean responsible for the harms, and thus anyone affected is entitled to maximum compensation available to find a way to mitigate the risks without suffering a financial burden. It is also imperative to find a law firm that fully understands the scope of the problem so that they can assist in assessing the cost, psychological distress, pain and suffering, and emotional breakdown associated with the side effects of the drug.

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